The Arduino Project

So I’m going to use an Arduino to control my Atlas turntable and an Arduino to control some LED lights around the track. I’ll put all the DCC links and progress reports here. I should have everything ready for August. “Famous last words”

And so it begins
Next Step is to make this.

Parts On Their way:

    1 – Arduino Uno
    1 – Arduino motorshield
    1 – Shield V3 Mini Breadboard
    1 – 2 Pin PCB Mounted Terminal Connector 2.54mm
    1 – 270pF cap
    2 – 10K resistors
    1 – 1K resistor
    1 – Diode 1N4148
    1 – Optoisolator 6N137
    6 – Jumper wires

All those parts get installed onto this board, then installed onto the Arduino
Once that’s all done then the Atlas turntable gets connected to the motorshield! And installed onto the Arduino

Some Useful Links:

Factory Trains Direct DYI Channel

Tom’s Trians and Things

Rudys model railway

Once I get the code working I’ll post it here:

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